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ManageMall is powerful mall management software, which uses the latest cloud computing technology.

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Cloud Solution For Mall Management

Our platform brings you agility, mobility and social enterprise. You can collaborate with your tenants easily with our built in functionality.

Our platform is scalable when you have 100 tenants or 10.000 tenants and flexible enough to be customized according to your needs. Your data is completely secure and you are the owner of it.

Mall management industry is now more mature and competition is increasing. You have to be quicker and more responsive to your tenants’ needs. ManageMall platform is very flexible and fits any size of Mall Management companies or in any part of the world. According to studies by research companies, customization and development time is 60% less than traditional software systems.


ManageMall has all functionalities below

Sales Automation

Free up your internal resources to focus on the business by letting us handle day to day support services, management, and monitoring of your IT.

Marketing Campaign Management

Marketing automation manages campaigns of the malls and shares the information with tenants also. When number of visitors is integrated with Mallforce, powerful visualization capabilities help you and your tenants to analyze the outcome of the campaign.

Tenant and Brand Relationship Management

ManageMall connects Mall Management company and the tenants/brands tighter than ever. Powerful Chatter collaboration makes communication easier. This is a very detailed and comprehensive module.

Services and Complaint Management

ManageMall’s service and complaint management is one of the most powerful parts of the system. There is a console in the system that you can manage all service requests. It is not just for tenants but can be also used for visitor requests.

Contract Management

Tenant contract configuration is very flexible and handles various types of invoicing like fixed rent, step rent, turnover rent, free periods, discounts, common area expenses, storage rents. Beyond this you can even create your own rent schedules for different tenants.

Invoice Management

Automated invoicing functionality of ManageMall is to decrease the overheads of your company. Planned invoices are generated as a batch using the contract information and schedules but if you want you can create and print an unplanned invoice anytime you want.

Tenant Self Service Portal

Tenants can use the portal to enter their turnover amounts. They can view industrial averages for the selected malls for benchmarking and view their statements/financial information. Tenants can download their invoices.

Vendor Management

Facility services like security and cleaning are very critical for mall management. These service vendors should be managed carefully. These vendors should be part of the complaint management and service management processes. ManageMall’s integrated vendor management functionality helps you to incorporate your vendors.

Reporting, Dashboards and Analysis

ManageMall’s reporting functionality is easy to use and it is designed for any user to create their own reports and dashboards. ManageMall can email you your dashboard everyday on a certain time. If you want to see details just click on the indicator. It is not just that... Our solution’s important difference from other systems is the capability of displaying analytics over the floor plans.

Workflows and Approval Processes

Using platform’s standard functionality, you can set rules to create tasks for your team, you can setup approval processes for any type of information including tenant records, contracts, vendors and vendor invoices.

Alarms and Notifications Management

You can setup any alert inside the system. Email notifications and screen notifications are standards of ManageMall. You can also add SMS alerts (operator fees apply).


ManageMall has amazing visualization capabilities using floor plans.


ManageMall is accessible from mobile devices but to get the most benefit you should see the tablet interface.

5 Reasons why you should use ManageMall to manage your assets.

Visual analytics using the floor plans shows exactly how you need. Decision making process is shorter and it is easier now. Any data can be accessed using ManageMall’s visual interface. Even from tablets…

Don’t make huge investments upfront. Use SAAS model, make it an expense.

Ability to access and analyze your data using powerful visualization functionality.

Executive dashboards and reporting to improve insight, planning and decision-making.

Management Information System to strategize and implement Mall marketing activities

Inspark’s 22 years experience, leadership in platform and innovation drive continuous value for our clients.

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